Mar. 24th, 2008

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I know I've sucked at putting in my Rites of Spring notes from the last couple years. Did I ever put in my notes on dowsing?

kenilyn is moving into a one-bedroom apartment across the complex, prior to RogueHistorian's moving in with me sometime in May. She finally has keys to the place, which she hadn't been in when she picked this unit (she'd been in one like it that needed more repair) and I'd only seen through the windows. And she had a little surprise when she got into it.

Last night she commented, that the apartment manager is going to wonder what's up with her when he comes in to calk, that the first things she moved in after getting the keys are wind chimes, a crystal ball, and wildflower seeds. The fact that the whole place smells heavily of sage smoke may raise an eyebrow, too.

So, yeah, I got home from Phoenix last night and she asked if I wanted to go help sage the place. It's a cute little place, but we walked in and the atomosphere just felt a little heavy. She lit two mini smudging sticks and we each started at an end of the place and went to town.

She had mentioned something in the closet, but when she showed it to me, I didn't notice anything. Apparently, that was one of the things I should have noticed. When I went by the door, I was convinced it was an outside door and hit it accordingly. When I found Kendra inside it, I was surprised I'd forgotten it was the closet in question. Her sage was going out, so I went and got the matches to bring them back . . . and walked right by the open closet door.

When I mentioned trying to drive anything in there out, I realized I had it wrong. It wasn't a Thing inside it. "It's a hole," kenilyn said. And, of course, it is. She grew up with one in her bedroom; she'd know if anyone is. Here's where the dowsing comes in. When I took the intensive on dowsing and black spirals (points of sha, rather than points of chi) were described, I finally understood what was up with that bedroom growing up. So I dug for my dowsing notes because I couldn't remember how to disrupt one. Well, you disrupt one with a crystal pointing toward the line, and yet, I don't think that would help with this--though it would probably taint the crystal in a serious and probably permanent fashion.

I finally stood inside it, because it was bugging me and I wanted to have a look. And yeah, I was standing in a black spiral. But it wasn't just a black spiral. The back of the closet opens out somewhere else, like it's a continuing hallway. As I stood there, I could feel a wind that wasn't really wind blowing on my back, tugging at me, trying to blow me out the back of the closet. I stood in it, trying to see down that hallway, and as I did a dragon (best description I've got, sorry) came toward me from within it, trying to either reach me or make it into the closet itself (I'm not sure which).

At this point, I suggested she close the door until we either figured out how to disperse the mess or she was there to keep a lid on it.

After some thought, I have a question that still doesn't have an answer: If the entire flow of that . . . structure . . . is out, why is the dragon trying to get in?

kenilyn and I each independently came to the conclusion that dispersing the hole and/or closing the door may not be the correct thing to do in this instance. The best action may just be to keep whatever's in the closet inside. (And find a way to keep it from eating her Disney memrobelia in storage). We also each, independently, came to the thought of runes as a way to strengthen the ward/seal, so I dug out my notes from Dr. S.'s class on runes and one or both of us may poke at that later.

kenilyn said we're getting too old for this shit. My thought is that, as we get older and more experienced, it just takes more to trip our Weird Shit barometers, and a certain amount of Weird Shit gets wise and stays away from us. Consequently, when we do run into something, it tends to be bigger.


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